Moneyline Telerate to market SentinelPlus

Moneyline Telerate to market SentinelPlus

Moneyline Telerate is to promote and distribute SentinelPlus, a market data monitoring and management system from UK financial technology firm ePulse.

Moneyline Telerate will market the product to customers of its Trading Room System, and will provide either full or partial support. London-based ePulse will support product enhancements and customisation as required.

Doug Jeffrey, Moneyline Telerate's managing director for EMEA, says: "With customers constantly looking to reduce costs, SentinelPlus will give our users the option of a powerful central management facility, independent of the server location."

SentinelPlus can be used in front, middle and back office operations with Unix, NT or VMS based applications.

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