Kx Systems releases 64-bit database system

Kx Systems releases 64-bit database system

California-based Kx Systems has launched kdb+, a 64-bit version of its flagship data management platform kdb.

Also included in the upgrade package are 64-bit versions of kdb+tick, Kx Systems' tick database application, and kdb+taq, the company's fast loader and analysis application for Nyse TAQ data.

KX Systems' says the new releases can handle up to two billion streaming ticks a day - 70 times more than the original 32-bit platform. The system is also 50 times faster, with a reduced latency of 10 microseconds per message.

Arthur Whitney, Kx Systems CTO, says: "With kdb+, we are extending a firm's capacity to acquire, manage, and analyse streaming data by a factor of 100, while also accommodating unlimited historical data."

Kdb+ runs on 64-bit Solaris and 64-bit Windows Server 2003 and has also been developed to support Linux on Intel Itanium 2-based platforms.

The vendor says the system will help firms control costs while managing expanding volumes of trade data.

The product has been field tested by several firms including Lehman Brothers.

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