Commonwealth Bank issues e-mail security alert

Commonwealth Bank issues e-mail security alert

The Commonwealth bank of Australia is warning customers to disregard an e-mail purporting to come from the bank which invites recipients to telephone a bogus number to discuss unclaimed funds.

"Under no circumstances should customers provide any details of bank accounts or other personal information to unknown people or organisations," says the bank in a security alert posted on its Web site.

CBA goes on to advise customers that it does not use e-mail contact when dealing with unclaimed funds.

The bank says that none of its systems have been compromised and that it is working with police to track down the source of the scam mail.

The latest incident follows a spate of similar bogus e-mail frauds at Australian banks.

Surrey Hills police have already charged a 25-year old man in connection with an earlier e-mail scam that duped some Commonwealth Bank customers into revealing their NetBank Internet account details at a bogus CBA site housed in Florida.

Earlier this month, Bank of America and Spain's Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA) also alerted customers to similar attacks on their Internet banking accounts.

Users of Citibank's person-to-person funds transfer service c2it, meanwhile, have become targets for a popular PayPal scam which invites users to review their account details at a bogus Web address. The fraudsters apparently pick up e-mail addresses by spidering aution houses such as e-Bay and pulling all accounts that appear to accept c2it.

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