Sanchez unveils WebConsumer front end

Sanchez unveils WebConsumer front end

Sanchez Computer Associates has unveiled a Web-based front-end to its Profile banking system designed to deliver online account transaction and aggregation services to bank customers.

Sanchez is demonstrating the Profile/WebConsumer application at the Bank Administration Institute's Retail Delivery conference, currently being staged in New Orleans.

The product is a Web-enabled customer user interface that supports the integration of transactional services for financial planning, private banking, brokerage, insurance, credit card products and other financial services, says Sanchez. The interface consolidates an institution's customer account information and provides a single, universal view of the data to each customer.

It also enables an institution to customise its Internet portal offering based on the individual needs of customers, boasts Sanchez. When a customer accesses an account online, the Web pages generated contain specific account information for that customer based on the customer's relationship with the institution.

The product is developed as a pure Java open architecture application and can function independently of other Profile products.

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