JPMorgan Chase delivers online cheque imaging

JPMorgan Chase delivers online cheque imaging

JPMorgan Chase Bank (Chase) has added cheque imaging to its Web banking service, allowing deposit customers to access, view and print cheques processed in the last 60 days.

Cheque images are uploaded to the site through the bank's document imaging service iVault! as soon as they are posted. The system allows customers to view both sides of the cheque.

JoAnne Glazer, Chase senior vice president and electronic channel executive, says the online service gives customers instant access to cancelled cheques, without having to wait for a statement.

The bank says customers who currently receive images with statements will continue to do so but will also have access to cheques online.

Chase's banking site also allows customers to order cheque books, place stop payments and initiate wire transfers of money to any US bank account. In addition, cheque account customers receive free online bill payment and can view archived bills from the past 13 months.

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