Getronics launches failsafe teller terminal

Getronics launches failsafe teller terminal

Dutch computer services company Getronics has released a fail-safe system for its Globalfs teller product that enables bank counter staff to complete transactions when a workstation is in a standalone mode and unable to communicate with the network.

Getronics says the system addresses a key problem that has slowed banks' adoption of thin-client solutions for teller automation. The off-network capabilities take advantage of Globalfs' Web-based user interface to store all transactions locally and provide a complete off-network audit trail.

Jeanette Manning, Getronics vice president of delivery, comments: "This feature is used to complete transactions when the wide area network, the corporate network and even the local area network is unavailable."

When the system detects a disconnection, an on-screen message is displayed to alert branch personnel that the workstation is switching to off-network processing. Business rules governing transactions are implemented to enable the system to continue monitoring inputs to make sure that information is entered correctly. Legal field edits, field validations, screen validations and other actions, continue to be processed. Receipts are sent to a local printer for uninterrupted service to customers.

When the server connection is re-established all operators are notified through on-screen messages that they are once again back online. The workstation is returned to online status and all local transactions are automatically processed over the network. Off-network transactions are flagged in the server's journal for review and audit.

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