Resona hit by ATM crash

Resona hit by ATM crash

Newly-merged Japanese bank Resona is investigating the causes of its second major ATM failure in under a month, after 3000 machines in the bank's nationwide network crashed this morning.

The bank, formed from the merger of Daiwa Bank and Asahi Bank on 1 March, restored services at its machines three hours later.

The failure affected 3000 former Asahi Bank ATMs in 900 locations. Machines inherited from Daiwa Bank continued to operate normally. The cause of the glitch is so far unknown says a bank spokesperson.

It is the second problem to hit the bank's ATM network following the failure of 45 machines in Western Japan on the day of the merger.

In August last year, Mizuho Bank agreed to pay the Tokyo metropolitan government Y17 million for damages incurred when the bank's computer systems crashed following its creation from the merger of Fuji Bank and Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank. The glitches affected 2.5 million transactions, caused 60,000 erroneous double deductions from accounts and froze operations at Mizuho's 7000 ATMs.

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