Stratus Continuum to run Canadian EFT network

Stratus Continuum to run Canadian EFT network

Canadian application services provider Datawest Solutions has selected Stratus Computer to support its direct connection to Interac, Canada's national e-payments network for ATM and point of sale debit applications transactions.

The Stratus Continuum 419 product will run the HP-UX operating system and the Interac inter-member node switching application software, supplied by Oasis Technology, to form Datawest's Interac direct connection platform.

The Stratus system consists of duplicated hardware components so that if one fails, the other continues processing without any application interruption. The server then 'phones home' to a service support centre, which immediately dispatches a replacement that can be switched without any operating interruption, claims Stratus.

Brian Cook, senior vice president of sales, Oasis Technology, says the Interac network is the backbone for debit and ATM services to the Canadian public, processing over 1.7 billion debit and 350 million ATM transactions per year. He continues: "Interac and its members take availability very seriously. Even the slightest downtime could result in a dramatic impact to service."

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