Egg is first customer for Bank Wizard International

Egg is first customer for Bank Wizard International

UK Web bank Egg is to implement Eiger System's new bank data validation solution, Bank Wizard International, to support its business in France.

Egg currently uses the vendor's original Bank Wizard product in the UK to automatically validate bank, branch and account data input by customers setting up direct debits.

Comprising of a software application and regularly updated database of bank details, the latest version of Bank Wizard International validates sort codes and account numbers for seven European countries, taking into account different formats, rules and requirements.

In addition, the system validates account numbers input in the International Bank Account Number (IBAN) format and is able to check bank, branch and account information.

UK-based Eiger Systems says it plans to extend support to other countries in the future.

Jonathan Williams, product marketing manager, Eiger Systems, says the application programming interface (API) within the system can incorporate all current and future countries: "Customers don’t need to upgrade the software – they can simply purchase the additional country licences relevant to their own operations."

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