Bank of Piraeus consults NCR branch model

Bank of Piraeus consults NCR branch model

Bank of Piraeus is using NCR's Branch Effectiveness Modelling Services to reassess its branch strategy and design.

The Greek bank has engaged NCR to help redefine and confirmed its strategy for 24-hour banking and transaction automation. The bank hopes to use the results to improve customer service and make more effective use of counter staff time.

Thomas Volpe, vice president of NCR's financial solutions division, professional services says Piraeus used a suite of tools to provide quantitative data and simulate the effect of branch design changes.

He continues: "Using these models, we were able to assess the effectiveness of deploying various service points at different locations within the branches, such as traditional self-service, call centre and Internet links. We were also able to make recommendations to the bank to optimise staff time and the deployment of staff to cross-sell products."

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