PayCircle publishes m-payment demo online

PayCircle publishes m-payment demo online

PayCircle, a vendor-driven consortium for establishing mobile payments standards, has publishes a reference implementation for its WSDL Payment Specification 1.0 that includes a sample payment system and demo clients.

The reference implementation outlines actual mobile payment applications and services for electronic goods like MP3 files, video clips, subscription based online magazines, streaming video/radio channels or on-demand gaming, as well as for interaction with point of sale terminals or vending/ticketing machines. It is designed to help users examine and reconstruct live-payment settings under different scenarios and with different IT platforms.

The PayCircle specification supports implementation of these applications on any Java enabled infrastructure utilised by the provider.

PayCircle President, Hans Wolf, comments: "This is a major benefit for the industry compared to the various proprietary systems that exist today. PayCircle will continue its efforts to create open payment APIs to enable the market for mobile services to grow."

The reference implementation as well as the second public draft of PayCircle’s WSDL Specification 1.0 is now available online for download from the Web site.

The PayCircle membership roster currently runs to 30 companies, including CSG Systems, Hewlett-Packard, Oracle, Siemens and Sun Microsystems as PayCircle Board Members.

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