Researchsummary upgrades Web data service

Researchsummary upgrades Web data service

Investment information vendor has launched its upgraded RIXML (research information mark-up language) and PDF-enabled online data service for brokers.

Researchsummary Professional (RSPro) provides access to data from brokers including Bear Stearns, UBS Warburg, Credit Lyonnais Securities, Lehman Brothers HSBC and ING Financial Markets.

The new service includes datagrid views to allow comparisons of company data from different brokers and a search facility that can be accessed via Microsoft Excel and Word.

John Thorne, CEO, researchsummary, comments: "The investment industry needs to be able to interrogate data and search for companies based upon individual investment research criteria and have that data delivered via any kind of application or web platform."

The vendor says future developments of the service will include wireless connectivity to allow access using PDAs, and a direct connection from the RSPro database to Microsoft Excel.

The $1000 a year subscription-based service is now available to institutional investors on a free trial basis for a limited period.

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