KeyCorp reaps return from automated software management

KeyCorp reaps return from automated software management

KeyCorp has implemented Navadigm's Radia automated software management application on 17,000 desktops and 3000 mobile notebook computers, at a stroke eliminating the $1 million annual cost of hiring outside contractors to install and upgrade banking software manually.

Following an eight-month installation programme, KeyCorp now has 90 applications under Radia management, including internally developed banking applications, call centre software, and Mobius ViewDirect imaging systems used to digitise cheques and other documents for electronic archiving. The bank anticipates payback on the implementation within 12 months.

"Radia is helping us achieve giant strides in employee productivity, both on the IT staff side and among banking professionals who can generate more revenue because they have the correct software in the right state," says Jim McNamara, KeyCorp senior vice president for information technology.

The bank is currently using the application to help smooth the migration of its desktop and notebook computers from a variety of older Windows versions to Windows XP/2000.

"We are getting accolades from our users on the whole new PC management process," says McNamara. "They may not even understand what Radia is doing for them, because it works invisibly, but they do appreciate having software that is always right and always works."

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