European Commission gets tough on e-cash and e-commerce laggards

European Commission gets tough on e-cash and e-commerce laggards

The European Commission has begun infringement proceedings against seven member states that have failed to implement directives on e-commerce and e-cash.

The Commission has censured Belgium, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands and Portugal for failure to comply with a one-year old deadline for creating a national legal framework for the free movement of data services in electronic commerce.

In a statement, the EC notes: "The Commission is aware that the member states concerned are making major efforts to transpose the directive in the shortest possible time and that draft laws are under discussion in all those member states. However, in the absence of a formal adoption of these laws, the Commission has decided to continue the infringement procedures."

The Commission has also singled out Belgium, Finland, France and Greece for failing to adopt the measures necessary for the taking up, pursuit of and prudential supervision of the business of electronic money institutions. The agreed deadline for implementation was 27 April 2002.

If the rogue states fail to respond adequately to the Commission's concerns, their cases will be forwarded to the European Court of Justice.

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