Pronet Analytics in the shop window

Pronet Analytics in the shop window

Pronet, a UK-based company providing screen-based investment support and analytical services to FX, money market and equity trading institutions, is looking for a prospective buyer. Options include an exclusive tie-up with a larger organisation, or the sale of individual business units.

The units, covering FX, interest rates/money markets, and equities respectively, may be spun off separately or together, according to Pronet CEO Shane Smith.

He says: "These are innovative Web-based services for pre-trade intelligence, trade monitoring, and communication. They have been designed to be used in tandem with web-based transactions platforms for FX, derivatives or equities in the interbank as well as institutional and corporate markets. The natural home for each product could be with a leading transactions platform for the asset class addressed, or combined together with a complementary analysis offering".

Pronet has been distributed by Reuters since February this year and has been adopted by the ACI - The Financial Markets Association in 18 countries.

Smith says that the company is in discussions with a number of parties and is aiming to conclude a deal within three to six months.

The firm, a subsidiary of the Market Age plc, is headquartered beside Tower Bridge and the new London Authority Building in the City of London. The user base in global and the company lists a number of top ten banks among its client list.

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