Syntegra releases browser-based turret for remote trading

Syntegra releases browser-based turret for remote trading

BT subsidiary Syntegra is shipping ITSlink Turret, a browser-based trader telephone that provides traders with essential turret functionality from a personal computer, including Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and voice recording.

Extended trading hours in many of the world's equities markets is forcing people to look at trading away from their desks, says Syntegra. With ITSlink Turret traders will be able to access much of the same functionality and customer information while away from the office, claims the firm.

"This product is a perfect example of providing trading solutions that genuinely enhances a trader's performance. It simply requires a PC, a standard Web browser with dial-up access and a telephone," says Jim Kern, vice president, sales, trading room solutions, Syntegra USA.

The product uses two telephone connections: a data path to connect the client-end browser to an ITSlink Turret Server and a voice path between ITS and a standard telephone, which acts as a handset. The voice path is automatically set up by dial-back from ITS once the user has typed in their personal PIN number to the ITSlink Turret Server, which is housed on the firm's internal server. Use of the ITSlink Turret is subject to the firm's normal remote access procedures and security.

Once up and running, the user sees the same familiar desktop configurations, including speed-dial functions, that they have in the office.

In a separate development, Syntegra announced that 310 of the ITS voice trading platforms have been installed by the New York Stock Exchange for floor brokers. Plans call for more positions to be installed throughout the year.

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