Online scheme targets credit card fraudsters

Online scheme targets credit card fraudsters

An online scheme has been set up to enable retailers to detect credit card fraud. The initiative, called Early Warning, is a Web-based repository for fraudulent credit card orders.

Members of the scheme can access and check credit card orders against a database of known frauds.

The database can be used to cross-reference sales orders and for searches based on e-mail addresses, IP addresses, names and delivery postcodes.

The system also allows members to add details of attempted frauds to the database as long as they give an undertaking that a Code 10 check - address verification - has been carried out on the new data. E-mail alerts detailing any new frauds reported can also be sent to members.

The scheme also allows users to check credit cards based on the first six digits of the card number.

Early Warning was set up by UK retailer Andrew Goodwill.

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