Bristol & West to connect UK branches with Telewest IP network

Bristol & West to connect UK branches with Telewest IP network

Bristol & West has signed a deal, worth £4.6 million over five years, with broadband supplier Telewest Business for the provision of an IPVPN Wide Area Network to connect its 137 UK branches.

Bristol & West, part of the Bank of Ireland Group, says it will use the IPVPN (Internet protocol virtual private network) service to deliver voice, data and Internet communication across Telewest's network.

The service includes Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) and enables staff to control and prioritise communication across the network. The service will be managed and monitored by Telewest.

Keith Bustin, director, IS, Bristol & West, says: "A resilient, reliable, secure network is key to the effective running of our operation. The IPVPN solution from Telewest Business fulfils these requirements exactly and Telewest's round-the-clock network monitoring means we can be assured our communications are in safe hands."

Telewest Business is also the primary supplier of voice services to the bank, including private circuits for voice and data transfers and ISDN channels to UK branches.

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