Bank of America to use RealNames navigation for securities

Bank of America to use RealNames navigation for securities

The Prime Brokerage Division of Banc of America Securities is to use RealNames' Internet Keywords navigation system to attract customers to its Web site.

Banc of America Prime Brokerage is to use the Keywords system to simplify navigation for its customers and to direct Internet traffic from a specific audience: hedge fund managers. The company is also incorporating Internet Keywords in its print advertising and other marketing materials.

Using Internet Keywords, customers will be able to type "Prime Broker" into the address bar of their Explorer browser and be taken directly to Future applications could allow customers to go directly to their trading account or research information using Internet Keywords.

"By incorporating Internet Keywords into print ads in leading financial publications, we're able to easily send customers and potential customers directly to the pertinent information on our Web site," says Rob Davis, managing director of Banc of America Securities.

RealNames has integrated Internet Keywords into the Internet Explorer and NeoPlanet browsers, as well as AltaVista, Google, Go2Net, the GO Network, Looksmart and MSN.

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