Credit Suisse Web glitch reveals star secrets - Blick

Credit Suisse Web glitch reveals star secrets - Blick

Swiss newspaper Blick is reporting a technical failure at Credit Suisse which led to the publication on the Internet of showbusiness stars' secret Swiss bank account numbers, private addresses and money transfers.

According to the report Web surfers were able to access account details of such stars as British actor Roger Moore, Swiss entertainer DJ Bobo and German pop star Udo Juergens. The data was openly available on the Web for a week, says Blick.

Credit Suisse, Switzerland's second-largest bank, confirmed the report and says it has shut down a test Web site where the details of 675 money transfer orders were inadvertantly made public.

Blick says the problem only became apparent by chance, when a Swiss agency that coordinates royalty payments sent the confidential data to Credit Suisse as a test of its transfer system. But the numbers inexplicably appeared on the bank's Internet banking Web site.

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