Syntegra unveils voice trading system

Syntegra unveils voice trading system

Syntegra has been demonstrating its voice recognition speech-driven trading system, ITS Myriad, at this week's European Banking Technology Fair. The system includes voice recognition and messenger features.

The company used Vox Trader, a plug-and-play product from Vox Generation, to incorporate voice recognition into the ITS Myriad collaborative trading system.

Simon Loopuit, CEO, VOX Generation, says: "Trades can be entered, CRM systems updated, contacts dialled, emails sent and screens manipulated by spoken commands."

Syntegra also showed two other products - Wireless ITS Myriad and ITS Voice Messenger. Wireless ITS Myriad enables clients, colleagues and trading partners to communicate using any channel wherever they are based while ITS Voice Messenger has been designed to reduce the time employees spend leaving voicemails.

The system's 'voice drop' feature enables pre-recorded messages to be left on voicemail system and 'voice blast' allows messages to be sent to many voicemail boxes simultaneously.

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