Sterling Commerce and Swift partner for bulk file transfers

Sterling Commerce and Swift partner for bulk file transfers

B2B commerce company Sterling Commerce has entered an alliance with Swift to provide bulk file transfer services for SwiftAlliance users connecting to the interbank co-operative’s new IP-based network.

Under the agreement, Sterling Commerce’s file-based data integration software will be incorporated into SwiftNet FileAct, enabling integration between SwiftAlliance Gateway and bank back-end applications. The initiative will facilitate the automated exchange of files such as bulk payments, securities reconciliation, central bank reporting, head office reporting and bulk securities.

Victor Abbeloos, head of partner solutions at Swift, says: “Out objective is to provide Swift customers with a plug and play solution that integrates SwiftNet FileAct within their existing technology infrastructure.”

Sterling Commerce yesterday released customised versions of its Connect:Direct and Connect:Express solutions for high-volume file transfer over SwiftNet. Both applications support all major file types and record formats says the vendor, and run on platforms including OS/390, Tandem, OS/400, Unix, and Windows.

Sterling Commerce and Swift have developed a working prototype by interfacing SwiftNet FileAct with Connect:Direct and Connect:Express for Unix and Windows to send and receive files via SwiftAlliance Gateway across SwiftNet.

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