SAS launches enterprise risk and Basel II software suite

SAS launches enterprise risk and Basel II software suite

Business intelligence vendor SAS has launched Risk Management for Banking, a suite of solutions specifically tailored for banks that need to gain an enterprise-wide view of their risk exposure as well as achieve compliance with the new Basel Capital Accord.

The solutions suite provides one environment for establishing minimum capital requirements by accurately calculating and aggregating credit, market and operational risk measures, says the vendor.

It includes Basel II-specific features such as risk-weighted-assets calculation, credit risk mitigation techniques, and Basel II compliance reporting. The package additionally offers a data warehousing facility for risk data consolidation and analysis using a range of market, credit and operational risk analysis techniques.

The package can also be extended to include functionality for fraud detection and anti-money laundering and integrates with other SAS solutions that provide intelligence on operational risk, such as human capital and IT management. Integrations with SAS Strategic Performance Management kit enables banks to create a risk scorecard for establishing and monitoring key enterprise risk performance indicators.

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