BBH takes Brio reporting suite enterprise-wide

BBH takes Brio reporting suite enterprise-wide

Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH) has signed an enterprise-wide license agreement for the Brio Performance Suite, which is currently used by 1000 employees for data reporting and retrieval.

Brio is used both internally by BBH employees and externally by clients for reporting and data analysis. Specifically, BBH employees utilise a centralised data repository to retrieve reports or data and to customise reports for their specific needs. Externally, BBH clients log into a secure portal and access a list of reports that support their specific business or operational process. Reports are delivered in HTML or PDF format.

The number of users of the system, both inside and outside the bank, is expected to double as it is rolled out across the enterprise.

"We have been using Brio at Brown Brothers for over 5 years now and the use has steamrolled as we added new internal reporting capabilities and as business units see the tremendous opportunity for increasing client services with Brio generated reports," says Jim Biggs, senior vice president of business systems development and support, BBH.

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