Cameron Systems hands over URL

Cameron Systems hands over URL

Australia-based Cameron Systems has handed over the URL to independent industry body FIX Protocol Limited (FPL).

The URL - which Cameron recently acquired from California-based Silcon Summit Systems - will now be mapped to the official FPL website —; the central repository for information regarding the front office messaging standard.

FPL says the handover will assist all FIX interested parties, "especially those who assume is the correct URL", to reach the FIX Protocol organisation’s official website.

Martin Koopman, commercial director for FIX engine vendor Cameron Systems, says: "During recent negotiations with a third party who owned this URL we decided it was more advantageous for FIX Protocol Limited and the industry to be in possession of the URL."

Costs incurred by either Cameron Systems or FIX Protocol in acquiring the rights to the URL have not been disclosed.

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