Chinese depository seeks securities advice from Computershare

Chinese depository seeks securities advice from Computershare

Computershare has been commissioned by China Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation (SD&C) to advise on improvements in securities registration.

SD&C is the only national securities depository, clearing and registration company for the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges and currently handles more than 68 million investor accounts.

Computershare is investigating ways to streamline business practices and bring them more closely in line with international best practices.

The Australian company has been involved in the Chinese secuities markets since 1999 and its Hong Kong subsidiary recently handled the IPO registration of BOC Hong Kong (Holdings) in which nearly 400,000 investors applied for and received shares.

Stuart Crosby, managing director at Computershare says: "Computershare has a strong commitment to doing all it can to help in the development of the Chinese securities markets." He adds: "We look forward to providing a global perspective to their(SD&C) planning for the future."

Clearing and settlement agency Euroclear was also recently commissioned to provide consultancy services to SD&C.

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