Britannia awards CRM contract to Managed Solutions

Britannia awards CRM contract to Managed Solutions

The UK's Britannia Building Society has entered into a IR5£million contract to implement CRM and workflow solutions from Dublin's Managed Solutions Corporation.

Britannia is to implement MSC's Clientwise CRM and Workwise workflow solutions over a five-year period. The new systems is being introduced to automate several areas of customer service and workflow such as field service, customer self-service, and automatic task management and routing.

The contract forms part of an overall GBP£40 million IT investment strategy at the UK building society to use new and emerging technologies to centralise support for all customer-related activity. The Society says its ultimate objective is to enable real-time interactions and workflow automation across the company, with the aim of reducing costs in a multi-channel environment, and providing better-targeted sales, marketing and service.

MSC was awarded the contract after a competitive tender with leading US competitors. MSC has past experience of Britannia's business, having provided the building society with an earlier version of its Clientwise product. The vendor claims the implementation helped Britannia increase average products holding per customer from 1.3 to 1.8 - an increase of nearly 40 percent.

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