Jury still out on BofA ATM ads - AP

Jury still out on BofA ATM ads - AP

Bank of America is receiving a mixed response from customers to its new ATM pilot involving the screening of advertisements for TV shows on 2000 machines in California, according to a report by Associated Press.

The ads, for television shows ranging from "Worst Case Scenario" to Connie Chung's prime time news programme, run automatically when no one is using the machine. The promos stop when a customer inserts a bank card, and play during the short periods while a transaction is being processed.

Bank of America spokesman Brad Russell told AP: "We're still looking at how our customers are receiving it. If it has value, great. If not, we're not going to do it. The jury is still out on that question."

If the pilot is successful, the bank plans to expand the promotion to some of its other ATMs in its coast-to-coast network of 14,000 machines.

UK building society Nationwide experimented with advertising on ATMs at heavy traffic locations in London last year. Despite an earlier successful pilot at Bristol Airport, the building society has yet to take the concept beyond the trial stages.

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