Jordanian Bank goes live with CR2 ATM software

Jordanian Bank goes live with CR2 ATM software

Jordanian-based commercial bank, Egyptian Arab Land Bank, has implemented CR2's ATM Sparrow and Hawk software to provide its customers with 24-hour retail banking capabilities across 19 branches.

EALB customers can use the machines to access account details, view current balances and account transactions, as well as monitor the status of current transactions. Non-EALB customers and Visa cardholders of banks in Jordan can also use the network to withdraw cash and conduct balance enquiries. International access will soon be forthcoming, says the bank.

Mohammed Abbad, IT manager, EALB, says: "The majority of ATMs in Jordan are connected to the local network. We needed a system that could work in conjunction with the local network but also have the ability to be rolled out across wider geographical networks including Palestine and Egypt."

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