Radianz tightens up security

Radianz tightens up security

Radianz is to deploy Internet Security Systems' intrusion protection technology within its global financial extranet, RadianzNet.

Radianz's infrastructure connects financial industry participants via a high performance, Internet Protocol-based extranet, RadianzNet.

"Security is core to our business and protecting our assets is vital to our value proposition," says Lloyd Hession, chief security officer for Radianz.

RealSecure Guard is an in-line network security device that protects network segments, including mission critical systems, by blocking malicious attacks in real-time. As inbound and outbound traffic passes through Guard, it is either blocked via firewall rules or it is analysed in real-time using protocol analysis techniques for evidence of intrusion, attack or misuse. If improper behavior is detected, Guard blocks the attacker completely.

"We chose ISS because it offers the only solution that is credible at high speeds and has the performance and protection necessary to execute our day-to-day business operations," adds Hession.

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