Moneyline Telerate brings video-conferencing to the trader desktop

Moneyline Telerate brings video-conferencing to the trader desktop

Market data vendor Moneyline Telerate is to deliver video-conferencing capabilities to the trader desktop through the introduction of a managed video service over its private IP network.

Traders hooked up to the service will be able to conduct TV-quality interactive video communications with clients and trading partners, says Moneyline Telerate. Video news clips will also be available.

Jon Robson, CEO of Moneyline Telerate, comments: "Just having the best market data is not enough, which is why Moneyline Telerate is developing innovative ways to add value and support the trader's need to build liquidity and increase order flow."

The service promises one-click access to anyone, anywhere on the network. Users of the system can create a "buddy list" as they would for Instant Messaging, select the names of the people with whom they wish to communicate and, without leaving their desks, initiate single or multi-party video calls, simultaneously exchange information, and tap into real-time benchmark market data.

Potential customers will be offered a variety of pricing models, including simple per-seat pricing, says the vendor.

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