Datacard profiles chip personalisation software

Datacard profiles chip personalisation software

Datacard has developed a software-driven process for application loading and personalisation of Visa Smart Debit/Credit (VSDC) cards that use the Open Platform specification.

Datacard says the new system will enable banks to use a single card personalisation architecture to issue the Visa-branded multi-application smart cards, regardless of the number of applications, the type of applications or the type of chip being used.

"Application loading and smart card personalisation have historically required dedicated software and customised processes for each unique application and card," says Bob Beer, vice president of smart card solutions at the vendor. "That's been one of the big hurdles for smart cards - the application loading and card personalisation processes have been too complex, too long and too expensive."

The solution is designed to help control capital costs, as card issuers don't have to buy or develop multiple personalisation applications, he adds.

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