European Investment Bank chooses Trema for treasury management

European Investment Bank chooses Trema for treasury management

The European Investment Bank has selected Trema's Finance KIT as the backbone system to manage its entire treasury, borrowing and lending operations.

Finance KIT will be implemented at EIB's headquarters in Luxembourg where it will consolidate all of the EIB's processes into a single platform, replacing multiple systems and eliminating numerous interfaces.

The implementation project is in three phases. The first covers the EIB's treasury business for foreign exchange, money markets, and securities. The second stage will implement Trema Finance KIT across the front, middle and back office for the full treasury business, borrowing activity including structured products. It will include complete pricing and valuation functionality by building open interfaces to third-party pricing libraries. The final phase will cover the bank's processing of the complete lending portfolio in a fully integrated solution and bank-wide risk management.

René Karsenti, director general of ginance, European Investment Bank says: "Being the largest non-governmental issuer, the bank generates large volumes of business and deals with sophisticated products and instruments that involve high transaction values. We expect significantly to improve our performance with appropriate reengineering and we are pleased to have selected the technology and company which should enable us to achieve our objectives."

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