Mosaic launches debit card issuer services system

Mosaic launches debit card issuer services system

Mosaic Software has launched PostCard, its new debit card management and issuer services system, based on the Microsoft .NET platform.

PostCard integrates with the Postilion Realtime Framework to enable processors to service multiple issuers, each with potentially very different requirements, says the company. Using the system, operators on card issuers' premises can define new cards and update and delete existing ones.

The product runs a card production staging process on a regular basis, allowing files to be built for the production of payment cards. The files can be used by the PostCard owner or by an independent card production company for the encoding of magnetic-stripe cards or personalisation of EMV cards.

The PostCard owner configures services to issuers, while the issuer configures cards and accounts, all via easy-to-use web consoles accessed through the Internet or organisational intranet, says Mosaic.

Dean Jordaan, head of software development at Mosaic Software, notes: "We see a great competitive advantage in having flexible Web-based support for multiple issuers through .NET."

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