CBOE monitors FIX ops with Capital Markets Consulting

CBOE monitors FIX ops with Capital Markets Consulting

Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) has deployed Capital Markets Consulting's (CMC) FIX Order Monitor to support its FIX infrastructure.

The CMC FIX Order Monitor watches orders, cancels, cancel replaces and order state changes as they flow through a FIX system. Users can dynamically see everything that happened to an order, even if their system is down. The tool can be used with any FIX engine.

Gautam Roy, vice president at CBOE, says: "By using the CMC FIX Order Monitor, we have been able to simplify the operational aspects of our FIX interfaces. The tool's intuitive user interface provides quick and easy access to order information and has increased productivity across all FIX development and support functions. An additional benefit is that we now have an option to improve system performance by eliminating the need for a database."

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