EDF Trading invests £2 million in voice technology from Syntegra

EDF Trading invests £2 million in voice technology from Syntegra

EDF Trading has deployed Syntegra's new ITS voice trading technology at its new London headquarters, in a contract valued at over £2 million.

The European energy trading firm has implemented Syntegra's new ITS pV405Hi and pV105Hi turrets at its new trading headquarters, based in High Holborn, as part an upgrade of its existing Syntegra voice trading technology. The new turrets provide a direct connection to the firm's structured wiring without the need for an under-desk hub, thereby reducing cabling and simplifying administration, says the company.

A total of 126 front office staff at EDF Trading are now using Syntegra's ITS pV405Hi turrets, and 37 middle office employees are using ITS pV105Hi turrets.

Shane Turner, IT manager at EDT Trading in London, says: "The ITS pV105Hi turrets allow non-front office staff to keep in touch with events on the trading floor as they occur on a real-time basis, enabling closer interaction between front, middle and back office. By having the hub inside, the new turrets also offer ease of installation and reduced ongoing administration."

Both turrets run on ITS software Release 13 and are IP-ready. The new installation represents an increase of 99 Syntegra positions from the previous office location.

In addition to the new turrets, EDF Trading staff are using Syntegra's pVm5i intercoms for improved communication, as well as ITS Profile for system administration, management and configuration. All are supported by an ITS p107 platform.

Syntegra was also responsible for the installation of voice recorders from Nice, call logging from Proteus, cabling from Comunica, mass data storage equipment from EMC, as well as providing integration with a Nortel Meridian PABX.

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