Mizuho Bank ATM network hit by software glitch

Mizuho Bank ATM network hit by software glitch

Japan's Mizuho Bank has been hit by further problems with its automated teller machines, following a large-scale ATM malfunction which occurred on Monday causing disruption to customer transactions.

The bank reported that approximately 7000 ATMs malfunctioned early Monday with customers failing to receive their money when they tried to withdraw it but bank records still showed the money had been withdrawn.

A spokesman for the bank says the problem was corrected by crediting the clients' accounts with the money that wasn't paid and returning transaction fees that weren't supposed to be deducted.

A relay computer connecting ATMs of Mizuho group's forerunner banks was found to be the source of the problems.

According to Mizuho's business plan released last month, Mizuho Bank will have to depend on the troublesome relay computer for a year before a new computer system is launched in early part of 2003 to integrate existing systems of Fuji Bank and Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank.

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