France Telecom enters micropayments arena

France Telecom enters micropayments arena

France Telecom is to offer a micropayments solution for Internet purchasing in association with iPIN. Cap Gemini Telecom has been selected as the first systems integration partner for the launch of the new system.

France Telecomm and iPIN are establishing a joint company which will act as a regional operator for the iPIN technical platform for management of electronic commerce transactions. It will have a license for use of the iPIN technology in France and the rest of Europe.

Under the agreement, France Telecom's Wanadoo subsidiary will take an equity interest in iPIN.

The new company will market a solution that enables online sale of digital goods and services for small amounts and that enables secure payment without using a credit card. This solution targets providers of digital goods such as music, software or e-books.

"Europe leads the world in the usage of alternative payment systems for electronic and mobile commerce," says Bradley Rode, CEO of iPIN. "Our system, with its emphasis on simplicity, security and flexibility, enables transactions of any size to take place in real time, employing multiple currencies."

iPIN's suite of payment products allow for mobile commerce payments; aggregated charges to a monthly bill; direct-debit payment options though a bank account; and person-to-person payments. In addition, customers may utilise stored value or prepaid accounts and credit card payments.

iPIN is a privately held corporation based in Belmont, CA with offices in Germany, the Netherlands, France and Asia

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