Reuters Lab offers simulated trading environment

Reuters Lab offers simulated trading environment

Reuters has opened an ‘Integration Laboratory’, designed to provide customers with a simulated trading environment in which to test and prove the integration of Reuters and Tibco trading technologies with in-house and third-party systems.

Patrick McVeigh, marketing director, Reuters Trading Solutions, insists that the Lab is not just a demonstration centre, but a fully functional workshop environment. “We recognise that although everyone talks about full integration from front to back office systems, the reality is often very different,” he says. “The Integration Lab provides a facility to prove a joined-up technology proposition for the financial markets."

The workflow scenarios currently in the Laboratory illustrate:

* Institutional buy-side - for companies requiring a fully managed electronic order routing service to enhance efficiency when accessing overseas markets and multiple market participants;
* corporate treasury - for those organisations seeking to connect to banks for automated online trading via the internet;
* retail expansion, locally and cross-border - for banks and brokers looking to extend and strengthen their Internet services to a retail audience both domestically and world-wide.

Although the laboratory is physically based in London, the full demonstration facilities will be accessible for testing online by customers around the globe, says McVeigh. In addition to the workshop facility, the laboratory has a team of full time staff, a presentation theatre, demonstration suites and dedicated technical infrastructure.

The new facility will be directed by Rupert Brown who joins Reuters from Paribas where he was head of technical architecture for fixed income and equities.

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