Teradata to launch CRM server

Teradata to launch CRM server

Teradata has developed a new CRM module for banks to manage customer interaction and communication across all remote touchpoints.

The new Touchpoint Server (TPS), part of Teradata's customer relationship management (CRM) application suite, will act as the central technology linking marketing communications with customer channels such as call centres, Web sites, automated teller machines and Web kiosks.

For example, when a customer shows interest in a specific product on a bank's Web site, TPS can ensure that the next time that customer visits an ATM to withdraw cash, he is informed of a special offer for the same product. Similarly, the next time the customer logs on to the bank's Web site, the same offer is advertised again. According to Peter Heffring, president of the Teradata CRM division, this high level of personalisation will ensure the customer is more likely to contact the bank's call centre to find out more about the deal, and by this time the call centre agent is prepared with information about his personalised offer.

Bob Moran, research vice president & managing director, data knowledge and analytics, Aberdeen Group, comments: "A company that can respond in real time to individual customers with precision and relevance wherever they touch that business - using technology that enables them to link their analytical and operational systems - is best positioned to grow customer loyalty and business value."

Touchpoint Server will be rolled out in early Q2 2002.

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