E*Trade adds US stocks to Norwegian site

E*Trade adds US stocks to Norwegian site

Online brokerage E*Trade has added US equities trading to its Norwegian Web site. Subscribers to E*Trade Norway can now deal in the New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq and Amex, in addition to equities trading in Sweden and Norway.

Customers using the system will be able to buy and sell US stocks for NOK299 per trade from their single E*Trade account. In addition, E*Trade Norway customers can view their multi-market portfolio in Norwegian kroner as well as in various currencies.

"E*Trade is rolling out the first fully electronic cross-border trading network for individual investors to take advantage of international investing at a low cost from a single account," says Johan Brenner, E*Trade Europe CEO.

A similar service was launched in Sweden earlier this year. Trading statistics reveal that the most popular US stocks traded by Swedish investors are the well-recognised IT companies. The top five most traded stocks are Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Oracle, Qualcomm and Apple. Not surprisingly, the most traded Swedish stock is Ericsson.

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