Goldman Sachs enhances prime brokerage with

Goldman Sachs enhances prime brokerage with

Goldman Sachs International (GSI) is to offer its prime brokerage clients access to, the ASP risk management and trading product from Imagine Software.

GSI says the new offering will enhance its prime brokerage service with real-time pricing, real-time risk analytics and end-of-day analysis including VaR.

Imaagine's ASP product includes a fully maintained security master, real time prices for listed securities as well as the provision of auxiliary data such as dividend projections and historical volatilities for some 65,000 stocks around the world.

The service also performs middle and back office functions such as corporate actions maintenance, daily event processing such as the resetting of swaps and the posting of dividends, and calculation of funding costs, borrow costs and transaction fees.

Emmanual Roman, co-chief operating officer of global securities services (GSS) in the equities division of Goldman Sachs, comments: "We already have numerous clients utilising Imagine with great success and we anticipate the growth of its use throughout our base of clients.”

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