Sony Bank hones online investment advice

Sony Bank hones online investment advice

Sony Bank is to implement Ilog optimisation technology to enhance its Moneykit online investment advice tool.

Designed for Japan's Net-savvy consumers, Moneykit Advice Engine is an online asset management simulation tool comprising two main components - the Morgan Asset Projection System (Maps) - an investment performance forecast tool supplied by JPMorgan Chase - and the Mutual Fund Implementer (MFI).

The nine month-old Japanese bank intends to integrate Ilog's CPLEX and Solver components into the tool's MFI application. Ilog CPLEX will be used to narrow a customer's target fund range according to input criteria, while Ilog Solver examines all the possible fund combinations to find the optimal combination.

The funds "recommended" by Ilog optimisation software are shown to the user complete with positive and negative attributes, and fund prices.

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