St.George Bank rolls out smart card reward scheme

St.George Bank rolls out smart card reward scheme

St.George Bank and Worldsmart Technology are inviting Autralian retailers to participate in a combined chip-based payment and loyalty scheme.

The scheme will initially see the installation of Visa Cash terminals in more than 50 Queensland outlets of the Giants Liquor and Jackpot Hotel groups with a planned 40,000 smart cards being issued to customers over coming months.

The terminals allow funds to be loaded to the customer’s Visa Cash electronic purse - powered by the bank - either from a cheque or savings account or by cash provided to the merchant.

The smart cards will also support WST's loyalty programme, e-asy points. Customers can redeem their e-asy points instantly at the participating outlets. Merchants can change their points promotions by dialling into a secure Web site to set the amount of points they wish to offer.

Don Gregg, St.George general manager electronic solutions and services, says: "Unlike some cards from other competitors, the chips on these smart cards are functional. Customers can gain immediate rewards at the point of sale and have the convenience of utilising the value-added payment facility of Visa Cash, all on the same card."

Richard Jones, WST Director, comments: "The two retail groups in Queensland are just the beginning. We are currently negotiating with other groups and individual merchants to join the e-asy points programme either as points issuers, redeemers and card issuers to make this technology available to a wider group of customers in other States."

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