Sanchez licenses Sedona CRM software

Sanchez licenses Sedona CRM software

Sanchez Computer Associates has licensed Sedona's Java-based customer relationship management software to offer customers an integrated CRM package.

Under the agreement, Sanchez will integrate Sedona's Intarsia CRM software with its integrated banking platform and private label the capabilities under the Sanchez brand. In addition, the license agreement allows Sanchez to sublicense the software on a standalone basis.

The Intarsia product includes an 'update engine' that collects account, transaction and customer relationship data from various sources and collapses it into a common database. The engine also provides analytics to drive marketing campaigns, cross-selling and profitability calculations.

Other Intarsia software components include front-end servicing functions that support personal Web portals, profitability management, customer reporting, segment management and householding, market campaign management, sales lead management and workflow, customer profiles and a complete Web-enabled report generation tool.

Michael Rotella, Sanchez vice president and product manager of Sanchez Xpress and thin client technologies, comments: “Leveraging Sedona’s analysis engine and Sanchez’ real-time customer integration platform, Sanchez will provide seamless, real-time access to CRM servicing functions at branch customer platforms, teller windows, call centres and self-service channels. When fully integrated, the Sanchez integrated banking platform will have powerful front-end servicing tools for managing customer relationships and understanding customer profitability across all customer segments, households, and product lines.”

Sanchez expects the first phase of integration to be completed by the end of March. The vendor plans to package the CRM functions as part of a new product - Sanchez CRM.

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