BNP Paribas creates corporate Internet portals

BNP Paribas creates corporate Internet portals

BNP Paribas has opened a series of Internet portals designed to offer clients easier online access to specific corporate or institutional banking services.

The BNP Paribas site now offers various portals dedicated to particular corporate needs:
* the "France" portal is intended for French corporates;
* the "corporate & institutional" portal covers capital markets business, structured finance, cash management, vehicle fleet management, and securities services; and
* the bank has also introduced "North America" and "Asia" portals.

The new Internet offering simplifies access to secure transactional sites that enable users to initiate transactions, monitor them in real time, and exchange information, including FX Dealer, BNPNet Entreprises, Clientelis, and Connexis, says the bank.

Web surfers can conduct information searches either through key words or via a group's Web sites directory. They can also customise the portals for their own personal use.

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