Alterna streamlines corporate-to-bank connectivity

Alterna streamlines corporate-to-bank connectivity

Canada-based alterna Technologies has launched a new bank information exchange (abix) with the aim of providing open and reusable standards-based connections between banks and corporate accounting and ERP systems.

Abix member banks and their mutual clients will be able to process account balance and transaction information, payments and related messages using abix-certified interfaces, says the company.

Alterna says it is currently working with unspecified abix banks worldwide to develop and certify these interfaces. Nearly 80 interfaces will be certified by the end of June 2002.

Gonzalo Naranjo, alterna's president and CEO, says: "abix eliminates the information bottlenecks commonly found where corporations have to deal with multiple banks. By providing open, re-useable interfaces, abix facilitates seamless integration, straight-through processing and reduces the time and cost of building and maintaining interfaces."

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