Bank of Montreal revamps Internet delivery with Vignette

Bank of Montreal revamps Internet delivery with Vignette

Bank of Montreal has selected Vignette's V/5 e-business platform for an enterprise-wide initiative to revamp and pesonalise its Internet strategy.

Ellen Liu, vice president, solutions & applications, eDistribution group, Bank of Montreal, decribes Vigenette as the "cornerstone" of the bank's personalisation strategy for product delivery over the Net.

"The V/5 E-business Application Platform fits our broader Internet architecture strategy, which is designed to deliver a consistently high quality of customer service across all channels," says Liu. "In addition to specific product features, we were looking for the ability to integrate with other components of our infrastructure and the use of open technology standards."

Smooth integration with the bank's customer information database will be critical to the success of the Vignette installation, she adds.

The Bank of Montreal's internal information technology team is implementing Vignette products to support its development of an intranet portal and is in the process of planning its integration with existing internal sites, search engine and directory. Next are plans to produce customer-facing attributes on sites for each of the bank's various lines of business, initially on a basic non-transactional site for online business banking, to be followed by Vignette-driven pages that allow customers to initiate financial transactions.

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