Anvil launches multi-purpose prime broker desktop

Anvil launches multi-purpose prime broker desktop

London-based Anvil Software has introduced a front office trading system for prime brokerage which enables brokers to perform trading and client-facing activities from the same desktop.

Denarius allows brokers to instantly see the combined position of their prime brokerage clients in any security or class of securities, and combine positions when owned by several clients into one trade for executing a single loan or repo to the market.

Using the same system, brokers can then match those positions against a firm's own proprietary positions, so that they can cross-lend without going to the market; calculate the profit and loss on each client entity independently; and use the order management module to show those positions anonymously to electronic markets.

Malcolm Clark, director and strategist at Anvil says: "Denarius enables a prime broker to run an efficient operation with the leverage of powerful position management, easy trade capture and flexible reporting. An asset manager can use the software in much the same way, viewing combined positions across a number of individual funds. Once an efficient front-office processor is in place, the prime broker can turn his attentions to the client-facing system."

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