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Wirecard whistleblower launches confidential reporting tool

Wirecard whistleblower launches confidential reporting tool

Pav Gill, the whistleblower who helped demolish German payment processor Wirecard, has launched a new platform for employees and shareholders to express their concerns over corporate missteps without fear of retaliation or exposure.

Gill says the platform, dubbed Confide, will offer organizations essential insights into potential "game-over events" that senior leadership might otherwise miss until it's too late. By enabling secure and confidential internal reporting, Confide prevents concerns from being stifled by middle management or by the absence of safe reporting avenues. It also provides an audit trail to help ease any subsequent investigations.

Gill was forced out of Wirecard after delivering a report that implied the firm had been fudging its numbers and that an executive at Wirecard Asia had allegedly been teaching staff how to trick auditors into thinking the firm had money it didn’t have.

"Confide's mission is to provide companies with an early detection tool to manage serious concerns internally, upholding integrity and averting potential scandals," states Gill. "Our unique platform transcends the limitations of existing 'glorified inbox' solutions, embodying our commitment to promoting a corporate world where swift, internal issue resolution is the norm - benefitting employees, organizations, and lawmakers alike. The digitization of the internal investigation not only leads to costs and time savings but faith in the whistleblowing channel."

Looking ahead, Confide plans to broaden its influence by establishing its European operational base in The Hague, and to continue refining its features, including the integration of AI-driven risk assessments and improved compatibility with corporate systems.

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